When you fail….what should you do (next)?


Have you ever had that big dream? Have you ever had that idea that keeps you awake at night, making you toss and turn in your sleep, making your head swell with excitement and enthusiasm? You believe in this dream, even though lofty. You know deep down that this dream is what you want to do, this is what you were made for.

You have not made the requisite plans and preparations to get this dream off the ground. You are excited about this dream so much so that you can’t keep it to yourself. You tell those close to you, those far from you – anybody who you come in contact with is reeled about this dream. You are bursting with energy just thinking about it. You go on to tell those closest to you and their response deflates you like punctured balloon. You are told that it is stupid and should not be attempted. The arguments hold water. It is either the idea is not economically viable, or the environment would not support it or you would be run out of business no sooner had you started, or that you don’t have the necessary skills to make it work. You are told all the gazillion reasons why this your dream, this your idea, is a run off the mill dream that would not float

They are right.

I once had a girlfriend tell me to my face that my educational podcast would not be successful. I have a passion for education so I thought what better way to spread the gospel of educational transformation than starting a whatsapp podcast. I had recorded a few podcasts and sent to my whatsapp contact list. She listened to the first two episodes, sent me a message afterwards that I should NEVER send her the podcast again.

I was distraught.

What in the name of God would make the woman my heart beats for tell me never to send her my podcast again. I thought she was having a bad day, so I let it slide. I did not ask why, instead I laughed it off as a joke.

It was on sending the third podcast that she called me to warn me NEVER( she stressed the never till it covered the entirety of her face) to send her the podcast again. She was furious that I was sending her “boring” audios on topics nobody was interested in.

When I quizzed her on why she would call podcasts which I was passionate about boring, she told me to my face that I was wasting my time. She said that nobody would be interested in what I was talking about.

I would have stopped then. Really. She loved me and wanted the best for me. She even gave me another idea that she felt was better than the podcast.

But I didn’t.

I will share with you there ways to keep going even when the people you respect and love tell you to STOP.

Let me place a disclaimer : it won’t be easy.

Chasing your dreams, no, Leading your dreams is never easy. So if you are fainthearted, I guess you need to get some heart calcium and then come back to read this.

1) SEE THE BIG PICTURE: In Brian Tracy’s Book, GOALS, he talked about how the big picture can help you achieve all you set out to achieve. I would borrow a leaf from his wisdom and say to you that the big picture would help you stay on track when they say you are stupid. The fact that you are constantly looking at the big picture – the ultimate end point of what you are doing – would help you deal with the negative comments and the put down “advice” that might come. You would have to see yourself in the light of the Best you can be, doing what you want to do. This means that the reason for having that dream must be tangible to you. You must have a firm belief in the dream and a clear picture of how that dream serves humanity. A dream is not a selfish ambition that enriches a person, instead it is one that serves humanity. A dream should not be for getting rich and famous, the drive should be from within and for humanity. If the dream is not one that seeks to improve the lot of humanity, maybe you should sit and reevaluate the dream. When the dream is centred around adding value, serving humanity, then you are good to go. The big picture drives you when the fuel of external motivation wanes. The big picture puts you in the mood on days when there is drive to continue. When they tell you would fail, keep that big picture know front of you.

2) Make it a habit to take small decisions daily: In moving from the point where you are to the place where you want to be, there is a distance and that distance can’t be covered by wishful thinking. The idea of a podcast for me was a step in getting to the big picture of becoming an educational consultant. There won’t be all flowers and bright lights just because you have a dream, the world doesn’t work like that. You would have to take small steps, one day at a time, in getting to the big picture. The issue with most is that they let the big picture overwhelm them so much that they don’t do anything else. The big picture is meant to spur you to take actions. With a conscious and constant daily decisions to takes you to your bigger goal, you are able to drown all the negative voices and feel progressive. The human mind have been built to grow.

Growth gets us more excited than money.

When you begin building one hill a day, before long you are making that mountain. A daily effort, a bias for action, would help you keep moving even when they tell you it is impossible. No dream is too lofty, all it needs is a mind that is willing to believe and a hand ready to put in the work.

3) Let your thoughts mirror your words: The final secret I would share with you today is making sure that your thoughts and words are consistent. You can never get to where you want to if you don’t believe it enough, and speak it enough. The power of the spoken words is that it helps your mind focus on that singular idea and helps your brain create neural pathways that seek to solve problems hindering the idea from fruition. The words you speak and the thoughts you have about that dream should align and be consistent over time. We know that the world would not fall into your palms just because you wish it to happen, but we know our minds will fall into place with our words and thoughts that are consistent.

We are drawn towards our most consistent thoughts.

The fact that a persons thought life has be overly emphasized by religious bodies, psychologist and spiritualist, goes to show that no matter how much we wish a thing, if we are not constantly thinking it, we would be merely working on wishes.

Why should you speak words?

Your words are your gateways to adjusting the world within you and the one without.

When you are faced with those negative comments and statistics on how your dream would not do well, think it possible and speak it is possible.

You are what you speak. Not what you eat.

I was called up for a radio program in my community online radio station because of this “Boring” idea. I was also given a few tips by some of my listeners on how to better the podcast and take it global.

Have they told you that you are wasting your time chasing, sorry, leading that dream? Focus on the big picture, take small decisions daily to get you there and speak and think in consonance with your Big picture.

We are waiting for you champ! The top calls hither. Go get those dreams.


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