When Pain Becomes The Motivation


The little boy by the well had only recently poured the bucket of water on the ground after discovering the red color of the water when the sound of a hand grenade going off flung him off his legs and threw him hard against the mud wall. The sound of guns spitting bullets with reckless abandon rented the air. The woman who was watching him from the side of the house quickly rushed towards him. Loosening her wrapper from her waist, she wrapped his bleeding body while he sobbed in pain. Another man rushed out to drag him inside the Hut.

Inside the Hut were ten people with listless eyes and blood stains seated at different corners of the room. The smell of blood filled the squalid room… The medical first aid box sat in the middle of the room, a woman with a hand glove cleaning a wounded girl. The eyes of the people darted to the crying child when he was brought in. Another woman, who was huddled over a sobbing young man, who looked pained and tired, quickly hurried over to help the semi naked woman who held the boy in her arms bring him down. Like ritual, a bucket of water and a brown towel appeared. Soaked the towel in the water. Squeezing the towel, she dabbed the bleeding hand with the towel.

In war we know the definition of love.We have been taught over the years that war is brought about by differences in ideologies and personal preferences. We believe that war is a display of how hateful humans can be. Like really, how can one decide to sacrifice his fellow human just because they don’t agree with their own stance on things? It is wicked! I agree.

War is bad.

War is evil.

But the truest definition of love can be seen in times of war.People are more connected as humans and a strong sense of togetherness and love when they are faced with similar problems. In times of war, the expression of love is more and its real meaning understood.

We don’t know how much we can live and how much we love until we are faced with a difficult situation.

Same goes with pain.

Life is made of levels and those levels are masked in painful experiences. We are a product of all the pains we have experienced and turned into victories.

Don’t run away from painful situations. The idea of painful situations, difficult situations, being the road block from moving further is a lie.

 Pain is good.

We would never know how much we can do until we go through experiences that are painful. We need pain to break the shell of our greatness.

I recently registered in a gym. I was tired of my flat chest and lazy muscles. I needed to become more muscular and fitter. When I told the fitness trainer about my goals and how long I thought I would get the right amount of muscles I needed, he laughed.

I was taken aback. Is this guy laughing at me because I wanted to look good for the ladies? (Man must look good) or did he think I did not have the ability to become the next The Rock?

He was laughing at me because he knew what my fitness goals entailed for me: PAINS

Are you ready to go through pains? He asked with a smile creasing his ebony face.

Yes I am, I replied weakly.

When you are ready to go through pains, you come back.

Why do I have to go through pains just because I want to be fit?

Because there is no way your muscles can become bigger without you straining them.

You are saying only when I strain my muscles can they become bigger?

Yes, that is what it is. Your muscles, even though imbued with the ability to become big and strong, would need you to push it. In the process of your pushing it, it would resist, causing you pain. Until you can withstand this temporary pain and keep at it, then you can never have the kind of biceps and triceps that would leave the ladies salivating.

“Often it is the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self”

Karen Salmansohn


So only when I go through pains can my muscles be bigger?  Yes!!

Our lives and our abilities are like muscles. Our future and our dreams are like muscles — We need to push them. When we go through tough times, we are not to throw in the towel. We believe that just because the situation looks unfavorable then we should abandon it all together.

Pain is good.

We need to realize and tell ourselves daily that pain is the mask with which great success is hidden. The greatest success in life would come after much pain.

I’m not in anyway saying you should be careless and invite pain to yourself. That would be stupid but when we come face to face with a difficult situation, we should not run away from them. Like the eagle who goes into the eye of the storm, we should go right into painful situations, knowing that we have within us the ability to become great; knowing that after that storm lies the dream we’ve been waiting for.

“What you are after the storm is what the storm was meant for”

Haruki Murakami.

The storms of life are not there to overwhelm us but instead to make us, to re-mould us, to shape us into what we need for the future. Our greatest strengths lie in those things we fear the most. Our greatest leap at success lies behind the toughest walls, lies behind the most hurtful of experiences.

Am I saying love pain?

No! Don’t be like the person who leaves the gym after a strenuous session and then goes home talking nonstop about the exercise. Who makes a medal for the amount of sweat his skin excreted, who doesn’t go back to the gym the next day but stays indoors all week long complaining about how painful the exercise was.

Don’t you dare caress the pains and make them your reality. Know that pain is a process; that pain is a means to an end and not an end itself. Life is series of greater levels enveloped in painful experiences, love it. Live it.

How much pain are you going through today? Go through it. And emerge a stronger version of you. Embrace pain.





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