#TuesdayThoughts: Four (4) Honest Ways To Overcome Self-inflicted Limitations


Self-inflicted limitations are the lies we tell ourselves as to why we can’t do something. Telling ourselves these lies result in a laissez-faire and piss poor attitude because we begin to believe the entirety of life is out of our control. Here are four (4) very succinct ways to deal with this ill and overcome all self-imposed limitations within your control.

1. Have A Vision Indeed
Don’t just mouth it, get a vision indeed! When you lack vision, you have no direction to take your life. With no direction, you limit yourself to external sources and opinions that should hold no weight on you. Having a vision means seeing yourself as if you are already the person you want to be. For example, I want to be a famous writer and speaker. That means on a daily basis I have to make sure I read books and articles within my realm of interest, write a lot, practice speaking and learn how to block out negative opinions. None of us strive to be average. We strive for our envisioned self-defined greatness. Having a vision requires action so if you aren’t willing to take the action then you’re settling for average at best.

2. Attack every nerve of Laziness within you!
Laziness is best expressed via a knack for procrastination. Overcoming limitations can be done by realizing that life is short and every minute counts. When you maximize your day, you put yourself in the habit of reaching for your full potential which happens to be far outside of your perceived limitations.

3. Make Mistakes Quicker – like, learn to move on fast!
Groom a love/hate relationship with making mistakes. Every time mistakes happen, learn something in the process and be angry enough to work that much harder the next time. Mistakes are the most feared yet beneficial teachers. You would have never learned to ride a bike if you focused on the high likelihood of falling. Welcome all mistakes, failures and setbacks and get comfortable with their presence because they will be the reason you get to where you want to be.

4. Work Harder
Hard work is faith that you will win. It’s the actionable belief that whatever is in front of you stands no chance against your determination and will. We don’t work hard because it’s a painfully long process that makes us question ourselves. Always remember that limitations are weaker than your hard work. Stay consistent with effort and don’t feed into your feelings and emotions that are inconsistent with your goal


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