Think you sulk at life? These 11 inspiring African proverbs will change that!


Deep proverbs with ripple meanings and effects have always been known to be an exclusive resolve of Africans, especially Nigerians. Seldom will you come across a well-heeled African proverb that isn’t laden with an intricate meaning, depth, and with a dint of comic relief.

These 11 ones we present to you below are as instructive and inspirational as they are a funny. If you’re able to decipher their meanings and by extension, their application, be assured to leave this page more inspired than you came!

1. Never look down on yourself or ability. You are not too small to create impact.

Naijablazers African proverbs

2. Be always calm amidst a storm and remain rational

3. Know your worth. Tell your story

4. Keep moving. Don’t retire to confusion

5. Hold your own. Don’t give into cowardice

6. Rage or anger does nothing

7. Don’t be blindly over-confident.

8. Diligence and consistency are the first laws of success

9. By their stripes….things and thoughts seldom change.

10. Your reputation matters most. It’s your true CV.

11.  Be a sower of good seeds to reap good deeds.


Source: Produktiviti Konsult for CNN African Stories – sub for #CNNAfricanProverbs


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