Side Hustle – 5 Cool Ways To Make Extra Cash In 2019


Having a side hustle to cushion the effect of lean take home, multiple responsibilities, and delayed pay check is something you should consider in 2019.

“The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately” – Unknown

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had projected last year that Nigeria would be among two other African nations – South Africa and Angola – – to experience sluggish growth in 2019. This slow growth, coupled with the increasing inflation rate and the increasing number of the job being lost, it is only wise if you had some other form of income to help you pad the crunch times. We have curated 5 Side Hustles that can Earn You Extra Cash in 2019.

One of the surest way to increase your income, and cruise to a financially independent life in 2019, is to engage in side hustles. This is any means by which you make money aside from the regular pay check.

It is not the main source of income, rather a source, usually passive and requiring lesser effort, that helps supplement the major source of income. For those who are workers, the nine to fivers, a side hustle would help put extra cash in your pocket when the alert hasn’t beeped yet. It would help offset some “little” bills that may come up in the course of the month.

Why Side Hustle?

I have a friend who teaches in a school. Quite older, she has always wanted to make money by the side, something to help buffer her meagre salary as a school teacher. An aspiring entrepreneur, she doesn’t have the time to chase her dreams of owning her own business. The rigors of teaching and marking and preparing for the class would not let her have time for those. So, the best option was for her to get a side hustle. It was going to be a new terrain for her, having been an employee for most parts of her life.

She took the bull by the horn and kicked off a side hustle. These are some of the lessons she learned from having multiple sides hustle over the last two years.

1. For most people, the idea of a side hustle is majorly about the extra cash that comes in from time to time, depending on which hustle you’re working on. The cash, as important as it is, doesn’t compare to the level of freedom you’ll have knowing that you don’t have to wait till the end of the month for that alert.

2. Also, it gives you a sense of freedom. Doing something by the side means that you become your own boss. This is a skill that you can’t buy in the market and one that would be of immense benefit in the days and years to come.

3. One other beautiful thing about having a side hustle is that it helps you grow your marketing, communication and financial literacy skills. My friend aside from having to make more than twice her salary by just doing the side hustle, has also been able to learn a great deal about affiliate marketing, network marketing and how to build meaningful relationships with clients that last. These lessons would come in very useful when she finally decides to quit her current job to start her business.

If you’re wondering, “I don’t want to own a business, I am okay with having a job,” it is OK. The skills learned would also make you a better employee.

Five Side Hustles That Can Bring You Extra Cash In 2019

We have compiled for you a list of side hustles you can do to help your money (Working is important, but making money is more important), build relationships and learning simultaneously. Mothers at home who are nursing their babies can also do be part of these hustles, it is that all-encompassing.

1. Recharge and Get Paid: This is a new subsidiary from NCC. The Recharge and Get Paid business, is licensed by NCC and is a way of making money when people subscribe for data or buy airtime or subscribe for their paid TV (e.g DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES etc). You sell airtime and data and help people pay for their TV subscriptions, earning small percentages every time you render these services. For every data subscription made, DSTV or GOTV paid for or airtime you recharge for somebody, you get percentages off the amount. This hustle puts money in your pocket without you leaving the comfort of your house. All you have to do is register and start earning when others recharge. It is a Virtual Top Up (VTU) so you don’t have to go anywhere, you can work from wherever you are. With as little as five thousand naira, you can start making money this new year from airtime recharge, data subscriptions, DSTV subscriptions, and even electricity bill payment. You can register here:

2. Affiliate Marketing: This hustle is one that functions best when a person has an already established amount of followers. The affiliate marketing world works like this: I tell you about a product. You like the product or service. You proceed to buy the product or service. By using a link that was given to me, I get to get a commission for every purchase you make. Whoever uses that link I gave you to buy from the company helps put money in my pocket. It is a pretty cool way to make passive income while your 9 to 5 doesn’t suffer. A strong followership base is required, but you can start from your small circle of friends and then grow it afterward.

3. Doing online Surveys: If this isn’t one of the coolest ways to make money online, a legitimate side hustle if you’re always online. The task is simple: complete survey online and gets paid for it. Tada! Nothing more. I should add, it doesn’t pay a lot, but a few bucks would not be a bad idea, would it? Here are some websites to get you started: survey junkie, inbox dollars, opinion outpost and a lot more.

4. Using your spare room to host visitors through Airbnb: You have a spare room that is clean and hospitable, what are you waiting for? There are people who are visiting your town for the first time, or not, who don’t want to stay in a hotel. They are in search of a place to stay for a few days. You can make money by providing your spare room to them at an affordable rate. You can visit their website to get started.

5. Freelancing: You don’t have to go anywhere to make cash! Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to be your own boss, call the shots and make money without leaving the comfort of your house. Freelancing is an as legitimate a side hustle as legitimate can be. From writing, to website design, to video editing, there are a million and one way you can make money off that ‘gift’ that is not being utilized at the moment. Websites like,, can help you kick-start your freelancing career and make cool cash by the side.

The SIDE HUSTLES mentioned above are not in any way exhaustive, but we hope that you can get inspired by these few and start making money from home, or if you’re a 9 to 5ver, from your place of work. Others include Barbing, Air dropping, Selling on Amazon, being a social media handler for businesses and a host of others. Whichever you choose, this year, If We No Make Money Wetin We Gain?

Keep the Hustle on!



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