#MondayMotivation : 15 Minutes Of Super Powers


Today is the start of a new week and you would be getting ready to get to work or go to your businesses. Some are geared to start the week with a bang. Others are not so enthusiastic about Monday.

If you are motivated or not about the start of the working week, one thing I’m certain of is your burning desire to make the most of this week.

For the first fifteen minutes of each day for the next sixty six days, I want to share with you the FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SUPER POWERS. I want you to adopt this culture and watch your week become a fine strand of happy moments and a fabric of fulfillment. This fifteen minutes daily ritual is not only going to help your productivity at work or business, it would also improve your emotional and family life.

First five minutes: Grateful Heart. When your eyes first opens to the morning sun, the first thing I want you to do before groping around for your phone, before checking whether you have a text message or an email or even a facebook comment on your post, speak of the things you are grateful for. The attitude of gratitude is one that helps your mind search within itself the times when and the people who make this world, as tough and seemingly loveless as it is, worth living and the dream worth pursuing. When you wake and your first words are grateful words, either to God or to life and its natural elements, your mind secretes good hormones which bolsters your drive as well as gives you more reason to be a better version of yourself and to do good for other people.

Because the mind is quick to remember the memories that hurts, when you begin with a grateful confession of how life and people in it has been a blessing to you, you start to see the beautiful colors still radiant in this grey and colorless world. Speaking out the things you are grateful for would help you appreciate the people with you and the little moments of Magic that we forget to acknowledge and people who make that magic for and with us.

What are you grateful for? Family? People? Your boss? Your job? Your lover? The football match your team won during the weekend?

There sure are a host of things we are grateful for, only problem is we don’t have the grateful habit yet. Be grateful even for the tiniest of things in your life. For the simplest of laughter. For the text message a friend sent you. Be grateful for life and watch life bring more happy moments your way.

Second five minutes: Speak in the present tense the things you wish you accomplish for the week. For the second five minutes after you wake, I encourage you to make it habit of speaking about the things you want to see happen for you during the week. This is me assuming you already have your weekly blueprint ready. But if peradventure you don’t have the blueprint for your week written down, then I suggest you take some few minutes, thirty to forty minutes, depending on how well detailed your weekly blueprint is, to write out those things you want to achieve this week and how to achieve each and every one of them.

Why should you even bother writing this weekly plans, or like Robin Sharma would call it – the weekly blueprint for success? Because it helps your mind focus on what is important and what is not. It also helps you to easily spot those things that align with your goals and how best you can achieve them.

The habit of speaking about your weekly goals in the positive and present tense would gear your mind towards having a mental picture of how you would feel when those goals are achieved.

Let’s say for example you want to make a million naira this week in a business deal.

You say: I make a million naira from this and that business deal this week.

You don’t use the future tense when making this weekly confessions because when you do, your mind still has a future goal as its blueprint. But when you speak in the present tense, you work up positive emotions within you and your mind creates a new neural pathway that resembles the achievement of the said goal.

I know it would be hard on the first few days, but consistency is the secret of mastery.

Keep at it. Keep speaking in the present and in the positive.

Last five minutes: Silent meditation! In the last five minutes of your super power fifteen minutes, meditate!

Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!

The power of meditation, Silent meditation, has been emphasized over and over again by the sages of the ages. Marcus Aurelius, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha Monks, have all expressed with deep sense of love and respect, how the time spent on silent meditation helps you fund your inner self and reignite the light that shines within you. They have all explained how one can only know God when one knew himself. And meditation helps you know your strongest self and to leverage on it.

How would you expect you give your best at work, in your home, to your spouse, to your friends and friends and acquaintances alike if you don’t know the real you. Meditation provokes the power of inner vision. When you meditate, picturing you being the best you on that day, you awaken the giant that lies dormant within you. (They might have told you we all don’t have giants within us, but it is a lie. We all have within us the ability to achieve extraordinary things. Yes we do have our limitations, but a great deal of those limitations are set by our experiences and fear)

After speaking forth what you want to achieve for the week, meditate and see you achieving them.

Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!



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