Meet David, The Crippled Shoe Cobbler


Born January 2, 1993 to the family of Mr.  & Mrs. David Manta in Mbakine, Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State. David was like every other normal kid full of life until he fell sick at the age of 7. He was taken to the hospital and expected to be treated for his illness. However, the treatment administered left him paralyzed. This was a turning point for David, as it prevented him from furthering his education. As though that was not enough, David lost him mother two years after he became paralyzed. This made life unbearable for him, coping with the reality of not being able to walk and losing the one person who could have supported him through the trying times.

In the midst of all these, David was determined to succeed no matter what it takes, and this informed his decision to go back to School and completed his primary school education in 2009. After his primary education, he decided to undergo training as a shoe cobbler between 2010 and 2011 due to his inability to further his Education.

Six years after, David has succeeded in building a brand “Big Dreams” from scratch. His determination to succeed against all odds has been his greatest motivation. According to him “Your physical disability does not determine your inner ability “. David believes that the major driver to success is believing in yourself. He said “if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will have the confidence to trust you”. One of the things that stand him out is the passion with which he does his job. He believes that with dedication, hard work and self confidence, you can achieve anything.        “While I was growing up, despite my physical disability and the challenges I had to go through, I was determined not to be a beggar”.

David has not only succeeded in living his dreams, but has also contributed in giving hope to other young people. The company has so far trained 63 youths in the art of shoe making free – of -charge.

Speaking on the challenges faced on the job, he said “the major challenge we have at the moment is equipment. We don’t have enough machinery to work with. We currently have an order to supply 100 pairs of shoes but we have only one sewing machine and one filing machine to work with”. He stated that meeting customers demand is the greatest challenge they are currently facing. He said BIG DREAMS is ready to partner with any individuals or organization that will support his dream of making the brand competitive locally and globally. He assured that this will also be rewarding as partners are guaranteed of good Return on their Investments.

David who is currently back to school to complete his secondary education believes that “all dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.


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