“Identity Will” For Start Ups – Part 1


We presently live in a world where spectacular ideas are birthed, and has the environment to bloom. Our world has been able to triumph over three revolutions of industrialization, the measure of proficiency in business management and profit making is highly dependent in your ability to find your place on the value chain.

Conglomerates and big businesses have always been the leaders of either commodity sales and production, or service offering. They have always been the whole that owned a lot of things in the business environment. It has been a huge task breaking away from their huge influence on everyone. But many have been able to criss cross, asking them question on how they do it, to how they can do the same thing.

That social intuitive leverage has led to series of businesses that are being started across the world. They are widespread and quite cosmopolitan too, from tech to food and even businesses that used to be run as a line. So many ideas have been able to break down the wall of classic business dominance. In fact, the word start-up is not a classic word, it is actually a word for this age.

However, we cannot be blind to the slapping consciousness of what is necessary in creating businesses, their path to existence, their ability to get known, possibility explored during sales and marketing, the thread on expansion, and their recipes of sustainability. These things do matter, and one has to understand them.

Yet, so many people that attempted to go on the journey of creating new line of businesses have had their share of survival knocks. Some have been able to triumph over the initial upsets, many are still battling with midlife crises, some are living well at the moment, and some have wilted out at different stages. Their ability to even exist in a business clime is dependent on their ability to make themselves known irrespective of how brilliant their ideas or solutions are. There is always a need for identity creation.

And more appropriately we all can all agree with ourselves that every business must have an identity; either on a particular product quality or outlook. These are things that strike the eye and pulls the heart chords. They make sure you come to a full glare. Many call it “Branding” but I call it an “Identity will.”

I’m quite sure you will wonder what is meant by identity will. But to put it lightly, identity can be easily created even if it is terrible, yet there has to be a drive to get known, and this often becomes a process of spin and flow for businesses. It is a hub-and-spoke model practice for businesses.

It is a reality that every start-up must live in every time. This beats the strategic financial planning and all those clandestine stuff that they go through before coming alive to compete. The competition sometimes may not even be with another product, but with the satisfaction and poise of your potential clients and customers.

It is going to be a journey for us, we are going to open up few closed boxes on creating an identity for the risk you have taken, and also dust some mirrors that are supposed to help you come to terms with what you really look like. You don’t need to see it as business secrets; they are always there but many have not only known that they actually exist.

The path to your sustenance and maturity is in your ability to stand with an aura of who you are, and how you want to be seen. These things are not petty items to throw into bin but matters to hold as life savers. You actually need to come to terms with the modalities of what ought to be and what ought not to be, and you must not acknowledge it as a dilemma,see it as a course to travel.


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