How to Stay Safe During This Yuletide Season


As you are planning on how to make this yuletide season memorable with all the merriment and fun that goes along with it, so are the men of the underworld strategizing on how to hit the big jackpot.  It is unfortunate that the same season characterized with love and togetherness is the same one that crime is perpetrated at its peak.

The need to be security conscious especially at this holiday period cannot be overemphasized. Below tips will help you and your family have a peaceful time during and after the season.

  1. Be conscious of your environment

Whether at home, office, malls, market or at the ATM, be conscious of what goes on around you. Don’t be carried away by the activities and fail to notice when things fall out of place. Indiscrimate loitering around your home or office should raise your suspicion. Do not assume the person will simply walk away when you have not established why he/she was there in the first place. Ask probing questions to ascertain the mission, if not satisfied with the explanations; call the attention of neighbors or colleagues for further questioning. However, do not raise false alarm as this may put him/her at the risk of been attacked, beating, maimed or even killed before an explanation is obtained.

  1. Avoid highly populated areas

It is advisable to carry out your business as quickly as possible and leave, if you find yourself in a highly populated area.  Use cinemas and malls that have a visibly credible security system and process at the very least. If you find yourself at a concert or large social gathering this season, find seats closest to the exit.

  1. Be vigilant when using public transportation

Before hopping into a public transport, make it a duty to scan other commuters for possible negative body language or facial expression. Avoid entering vehicles from the road side where there are approved motor parks to your destination. Monitor your luggage at every discharge point if you happen to keep your bags with those of other commuters in the booth of the car.

  1. Avoid late night movement

This is probably the most important security advice you’ve ever been given. Whether on foot or in your car, avoid moving at odd hours as much as possible. However, if your job demands you move late at night, arm yourself with items such as pepper spray and pocket knives depending on your location.

If you suspect you are being trailed, look for the nearest round about to make your turn.

  1. Bridle your tongue

Keep your wealth under wraps. Nobody needs to know how much money you have in your account or the worth of the contract you have just been awarded. Many people have been robbed, maimed, kidnapped or even killed because of their superfluous display of wealth either in their immediate environment or on social media.

If your job puts you in a position where you have access to people’s financial details, do not carelessly divulge such information because you might just be putting someone’s life in danger.


  1. Be at ease

Don’t try to be a hero when you’re being attacked or faced with danger. Remain calm and comply with every instruction given by your attackers. Study the situation and look for available opportunity to call for help. It will be useful at this time, if you have the emergency number of your local police handy. Do not attempt to scream, attack or run when you are at the risk of being over powered..

  1. Be Spontaneous

Don’t be easily predictable. Change your resumption and closing time at work once in a while. Use alternative routes to your house at least twice a week to avoid being ambushed. When using a cab or motor bike, it is advisable to stop a few blocks before your house and walk home.

  1. Make security everybody’s business

Ensure your doors are properly locked when leaving the house. Where you have children and maids at home, make provision for a phone and have the names of both parents stored for ease of contact. If your children are 4 years and above, have them memorize your phone numbers. If you can afford it, invest in home alarm and surveillance systems to help monitor your immediate environment.

  1. Use animals as guards

Dogs are the most common used guard animal. So, if you want to be alerted when there is an intruder in your home, you may want to consider keeping one. If you are not a dog fan like me, consider keeping birds such as parrot and guinea fowl. These are birds that get uneasy and make alarming sounds or even attack when they encounter strangers.

Wish you all a safe Christmas and a Prosperous new year




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