A Prayer For When You’re Broken, Dispirited and Empty


Truth is, warriors also bleed, go-getters also get stuck at some point, and even the most-energetic amongst us get weary some way somehow.

As unrelenting as we can want to be on the journey towards blazing a trail and achieving success at a chosen path, there are days we don’t just feel it, we get so disparities, such that almost everything that once gave us energy and gusto to thrive, makes no sense anymore.

That point, that moment, happens to the best of us. A point of blankness, emptiness, drive-deficient and listless in thought. At this point, our spirit is low on battery, and need a recharge.

We’ve all been there and while many things help to give a jolt out of such moments and get our spirits recharged, this prayer titled “The Journey Forward” by Kristen Freeland has been proved handy to that cause.

It’s a short but heavy stack of affirmation and reaffirmation with a power to truly rejig the spirit man in more ways than one. We hope this helps, see and read it below:

Today I send this prayer.
I call my spirit back to me,
All the pieces I have lost

Or have given away.
I call my spirit back

From the place where he left his body,
The moment his spirit took flight
And the part of mine that followed.

I call my spirit back,
From the moments in the past,
The ones I couldn’t get over
And the ones I didn’t let go.

I call my spirit back,
From the places I sent it in the future,
To warn me of what is to come,
And to keep me safe.

Today I send this prayer,
To call my entire spirit back,
To live in this body,
To be in this life.

Author:  Kirsten Freeland


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