7 Types of friends you MUST avoid if you want to succeed in 2018


Still in the spirit of making 2018 a better year for our lives, here is a list of 7 caliber of friends you need to avoid if you earnestly desire to achieve aims of a better you in this new year.

Although, most people will ask if pushing a friend away isn’t improbable and/or illogical, especially if he/she has not offended one. Well, my candid answer is “Yes”, especially if such friend(s) fall into the categories listed below:

1. “Chicken little” friends:
These type of friends make you believe the sky would fall by taking actions in life. They would want to make you wait till the coast is clear – which may never be (at the start).
They discourage you from taking actions; they give a negative prediction as to why an investment is bad, why a business won’t succeed, why you shouldn’t take risks, or how your career would get stalled because of your action etc.

2. The Praise Singers:
These are friends who never question your decision or motive when you confide in them. Having friends who are analytical and critical in reasoning is a plus.
The ones who always sing your praises either to remain in your good books or for any form of reward should be dismissed ASAP.

3. The ‘Poverty Minded’ Friend
Friends like these believe that making money is reserved for some special kind of people. They should be among the type of friends to avoid if you want to succeed in 2018.

The ‘art of becoming successful’ is alien to them. It seems like speaking Latin to a native English speaker. They are just happy with the way they survive, and won’t ‘stress’ themselves out with the hustle of making money.
They have the energy, but they just don’t believe that making money or becoming successful is possible.

Naijablazers Naijablazers

4. The Lazy Pug:
They don’t believe in hard work. They are not prepared to take upon any project and make it a success. They always discourage you from working so hard.

5. The Dreamer:

They believe they are gonna end up rich, but they have no plans to accomplish it. They usually keep records of the number of cars to buy, houses to build and places to spend their fictitious holidays. If you keep such a friend, you might end up becoming a day-dreamer also. These are the kind of friends to avoid if you want to succeed in life.

6. The Rigid Mind:  
This type of friends will always want to win in every argument. They see ideas that don’t come from them as irrelevant. Even when they agree reluctantly, they will reach any length to frustrate the idea just to prove their initial point.

7. The Complainer:
This type of friend complains literally about everything – his shoes, clothes, boss, car or even the air he breathes. When things aren’t going as planned, he nags and leaves everyone around depressed.

Know any friend(s) who fall into the above categories? Run away from them in 2018.


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