5 Tips For Effective Communication


Interpersonal communication skills are those needed for interactions in our day to day conversations involving friends, colleagues, relations or our bosses.
Talking to people is a complex process as it is difficult to know how the other person will interpret the message being passed across.

The ability to not only communicate but communicate effectively requires good communication skills that can either make or mar the entire process.

Here are five tips for effective communication

Be attentive

Listen to others speak without unnecessary interruption in itself is a skill. The ability to listen to what the other person is saying will help you understand the person’s view and guide your reactions. This will also show the other person you care about what he/she is saying.

Keeping  the conversation simple

Ensure to keep the conversation simple and straight forward. Saying too many things at the same may distort the message and make it less understandable. Also, worth noting here is the use of professional “jargons” unduly. The other person may end up concentrating on the “big words” rather than the message.

Avoid Confrontation

Communication is a way 2- way process, so do not be overly defensive when someone points out your mistakes. Be open minded so as to understand the other person’s views and objectively respond to the areas that needed clarifications.

Avoid negative body language

Ensure your facial expression, body posture, gestures, eye movement do not send wrong signals during a communication process. It is believed that a typical communication consist of more than 50% non-verbal communication. Sending a negative signal to the other person could lead to communication break down

Be an authority

Having a good grasp of the subject will endear the other person to what you are saying and increase the level of trust he/she have in you.


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